Where It is Made





FL SPORTSWEARはそんな営みをデザインしていきます。

The fabrics that are the core of our products are made at Mamiya's Ishikawa Knitting Factory in Ishikawa Prefecture.
It all begins in the hands of our wonderful craftsmen, who have the technical skills cultivated over 50 years of history and the pioneering spirit to actively invest in the development of new materials.
They have developed the best fabrics that are not only stretchy, but also durable, non-sticky, and yet soft in texture.

Dyeing is done at the factory of Soto Co., Ltd. in Ichinomiya City, Aichi Prefecture, a woolen textile production area.
Even with simple colors such as black and white, the fine expressions hidden within them were carefully expressed.

Cutting and sewing are done at Fine Mode Co.
The fabric is difficult to sew due to its characteristics, but it is not only carefully finished, but also the hems of the pants, which tend to fray, are sewn more finely than usual using stretchy sewing threads.
The overall silhouette is also oversized, but we have had it originally adjusted so that it does not look sloppy.

As you can see, the products are made by the hands of many craftsmen before they reach your hands.
Our role is to weave their thoughts and passion and deliver them to you.

In the end, the brand is completed by your hands.
To pursue your own unique lifestyle and to stay healthy in mind and body.
FL SPORTSWEAR designs such activities.